Closing of the A+A action art cycle at the ARBAR Art and Culture Centre


Closing of the A+A action art cycle at the ARBAR Art and Culture Centre

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On August 27, at the ARBAR Art and Culture Center, the closing day of the A+A Speculative Fermentations action art cycle took place with the artists Olga Olivera-Tabeni, Joana Capella Buendia and Laia Ventayol.

Olga Olivera-Tabeni proposed a performative conference of an existential nature Forty-nine days carrying a sourdough, a journey from Girona to Lleida and vice versa. In this, he explained the vital journey during the 49 days that he has been transporting the sourdough that he made at the inauguration of the cycle, on Saturday 9 July, at the "Living Archeology" action.

A sourdough that speaks of the relationship, the coexistence and the acceptance of what makes possible the fermentation and, therefore, the multiplication of life. With this intention, to multiply life, the artist has distributed bags with various mother masses to horizontally expand the creative and vindictive capacity of the Pirinees project. living archaeology.

The participatory action of collective and gastronomic care Tapa, apa, tap, pa, apat, ah, ah by Joana Capella Buendia and Laia Ventayol, has encouraged contact between the artists and the public in Arbar's kitchen, as well as with the food, the artistic interventions and the context that hosts the proposal. Through the preparation of a recipe chosen from the dishes of the original menu of the old restaurant, the artists have carried out an action in which they have prepared, in a group, the anchovy salad. The salad was accompanied by a bread made with sourdough raised by the artist Olga Olivera Tabeni during her parallel residency.

Cleaning anchovies requires touch, the spines are found by the gentle rubbing of your fingers on their flesh, just where they don't slip. Figueres onions are pounded on the kitchen counter. Everything is served on a bed of grated ripe tomato and served with bread. After the meal, what remains are the dishes scrubbed with the soap that Laia and Joana produced in the summer with the used oil from the restaurants where they ate paella during the artistic residency.

The exhibition of the interventions of the A+A Cycle can be visited until September 10 from Thursday to Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. (and times to be agreed).

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