"Volaverunt. Goya's engravings" in Ca l'Arenas


"Volaverunt. Goya's engravings" in Ca l'Arenas

bonart mataró - 03/08/22
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They flew Goya's engravings are revealed to us by the collection of Francisco de Goya's engravings that the Mataró Museum keeps in its fund. Since 1944, this museum has treasured Goya's four series of engravings: Caprichos (1797-1799), Desastres de la Guerra (1810-1815), Bullfighting (1814-1816) and Proverbios , also called Disparates (1815-1819).

Curated by art critic Aina Mercader, Volaverunt. Goya's engravings is part of the 275th anniversary of the birth of Francisco de Goya (1746-1828), which is celebrated this year. “ Volaverunt is one of the most iconic etchings in the Caprichos series. The word volaverunt comes from Latin, it means "to fly", and indicates that something is missing, that it has been lost, that it has disappeared. In this case, they take advantage . This void is precisely the starting point of the exhibition", explains the curator. They flew

Goya's prints , which can be visited at Ca l'Arenas until August 28, 2022, shows us the original prints accompanied by the interventions of the artists Irene Solà, Anna Dot, Marcos Prior and the Compañía La Soledad (formed by Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombia). His artistic proposals, created specifically for this exhibition, form a set of approximations and derivations from Goya's work.

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