Didier Lourenço claims the "joie de vivre" at the Galeria Jordi Barnadas


Didier Lourenço claims the "joie de vivre" at the Galeria Jordi Barnadas

bonart barcelona - 18/04/22
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The Jordi Barnadas Gallery presents, from April 22 to May 20, the new solo exhibition by Didier Lourenço. Lourenço, despite having been internationally acclaimed for many years, has never stopped exhibiting at the Jordi Barnadas Gallery in Barcelona since 1994, where, as he himself says, he is "at home".

His history as a self-taught artist He started at a very young age in his father's lithographic workshop, where many renowned Catalan artists went to produce his graphic work. From what he saw and what he heard, Didier drew, painted and learned.

The evolution is obvious, but his style is unmistakable. Certain themes are common in their pieces: anonymous walkers and cyclists, women relaxed on the sofa, alone or accompanied by their pets, in rooms full of bouquets of flowers. We see walls with colorful wallpapers that match the protagonist's dress and where an elephant is sometimes "camouflaged"… We also find funny dreamers surrounded by pillows, flowers and sweets.

This post-Matissian aesthetic, where colors are more vivid than ever, conveys joy and happiness to us. Didier Lourenço's work seeks to vindicate the " joy of living ".

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