Vila Casas Foundation. Painting Prize 2022


Vila Casas Foundation. Painting Prize 2022

bonart barcelona - 15/02/22
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From the 14th to the 31st of March, the Vila Casas Foundation opens the annual call for the Fundació Vila Casas Awards ―dotally rotated to the disciplines of painting, sculpture and photography―. This award has become, after more than a decade in operation, a way through which we give visibility to the creation of our artists.

The jury's verdict will be made public on the day of the opening of the exhibition of selected works at the museum that hosts the discipline convened (Palau Solterra, photography; Can Mario, sculpture; and Can Framis, painting).

1. Participants
Artists, born or resident in Catalonia, over the age of 18 may participate in this call.

2. Theme
The subject is free and can be used in the wide range of techniques and media in which current painting is expressed.

3. Submission of works
For the viewing and for the possible selection of the works by the jury, the participants must register on this website from March 14 to 31, 2022, where they must fill out the data form , which consists of : technical file of the work, a brief memory of it, the artist's resume and an image of the work in TIFF format, a minimum resolution of 300 PPP and a size between 5 and 10 MB, as is specified on the web.

4. Selection of the finalist works
Among the works received, the organizing committee and the jury will make a pre-selection, which will be presented in the temporary exhibition hall of the Can Framis Museum between July 4 and September 18, 2022, and a catalog of which will be published. The jury will choose the winning work from the finalists.

5. Dimensions and technical characteristics
The paint may not exceed 200 × 200 cm, or the sum of the two sides may not exceed 400 cm.

6. Delivery of works and transport
The Foundation will contact the authors of the finalist works via e-mail on 9 May, so that the works can be presented at the Can Framis Museum before 31 May.

It will be an indispensable condition that the works are original, unpublished and that they are signed by the author.
The Foundation is not responsible for shipping or return costs (which will always be borne by the artist himself), as well as any damage that may be caused during the transfer of the works. The packaging, which must be reusable for return, and the insurance, will also be at the expense and risk of the participating artists.
The works must be submitted to:

Can Framis Museum of Contemporary Painting
Roc Boronat, 116-126
08018 Barcelona
Phone: 933 208 736

Reception hours for works of art: Tuesday to Friday from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm.
Works that do not comply with the conditions described in the competition rules will not be accepted.

The jury will be made up of:

Gisela Chillida, Natàlia Chocarro, Marc Domènech, Conxita Oliver, Antonio Sagnier, Àlex Susanna and Antoni Vila Casas.

See the prize rules at the following link

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