"The poetics of gesture" by Agustí Puig at the Castle of Vila-seca


"The poetics of gesture" by Agustí Puig at the Castle of Vila-seca

bonart vila-seca - 15/03/23
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As part of the collaboration agreement signed with the Vila-seca City Council, the Vila Casas Foundation presents, from March 17 to September 17, La poética del gest d'Agustí Puig (Sabadell, 1957), an exhibition of great scope that covers the author's main themes such as the passage of time, the fleeting condition of the human being and the constant resistance to the omission of memory through the perpetuity of the gesture.

The exhibition, curated by Natàlia Chocarro, gathers around sixty works, two of them created ad hoc for the equipment of the Castle of Vila-seca. Paintings, woodcuts, sculptures and ceramics are part of this exhibition, a plastic mixture that exudes the artist's vital gesture. Puig presents a work of fast and vigorous manufacturing, in which earthy colors, reddish, white and black become spaces for reflection on the essence of life. Influenced by the avant-garde, comics and graphic design, the artist claims the roots of pop art in an artistic production that has man and his context as the axis of his work.

Cosmic energy, strength and vigor are the adjectives that best define the artist's work; an energy that radiates in all directions and that endows its protagonists – today anthropomorphic characters who have been deprived of heads – with a dynamic capable of ripping apart the coordinates of time and space. Beyond the material with which he constructs his anthropomorphic universe, what sustains and reaffirms the value of his work is the consideration he makes of the existence of the human being and its habitat.

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