"Rodetes. Digital Art" by Pilar Viviente at Abartium Estudio


"Rodetes. Digital Art" by Pilar Viviente at Abartium Estudio

bonart shut up - 11/10/22
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Today is the last day to visit the Rodetes temporary exhibition. Digital art by Pilar Viviente at Abartium Estudio & Calldetenes Art Gallery, Barcelona. This exhibition, which opened last September 17 this year, consists of a collection of 11 works from the Rodetes series, digital printing on 280 gr micropearl cotton paper, 1110 x 110 cm and 34 x 34 cm, dated to 2022, and which are unique pieces that had not been exhibited before.

The pictorial process of this work is mixed and the artist uses a painting on metal (Arkaim, 2017) made with oil and lacquers. According to the artist, "the Rodetes project refers to cosmic consciousness and archaeological themes, the mythical and universal patterns beneath the surface, and its contribution is related to research in

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