Ecomuseum presents "Terrats. Thirty views of a space in (discreet)"


Ecomuseum presents "Terrats. Thirty views of a space in (discreet)"

bonart castelló d'empúries - 22/06/22

The Ecomuseum Farinera presents, from July 2, its new temporary exhibition Terrats. Thirty views of a space in (discreet), curated by the artist Pilar Farrés.

In this exhibition, views are presented; in particular, photographic and literary views of Empordà writers. This is the commitment of the Ecomuseum Farinera for this summer, in which the museum's spaces are open to photography as a creative expression. An artistic process that uses technology and advances with it.

According to Pilar Farrés “The exhibition is a reflection on the roofs, which are a beautiful testimony to the human and daily history of houses and villages. This picturesque corner hides its particular memory of the passage of time, made up of authentic moments of life, small family stories, sunny mornings, laundries and clothes, cool summer nights, games and informal gatherings. The roofs, where interior and exterior are blurred, are a domestic space with its own iconography. Intimate, inspiring and even endowed with a certain romanticism. From the rooftops, which are like watchtowers open to the sky, you can enjoy unique and endless perspectives of the nearby landscape and the nooks and crannies of our daily lives. A space that, in addition, during the months of confinement, has been redefined in very different and interesting ways ”.

23 participating photographers

A total of 23 photographers take part in the exhibition and are: Andres Buhlman, Montse Capel, Jordi Cassú, Dolors Gibert, Francesc Guillamet, Mònica Quintana, Carme Huerta, Jordi Casals, Conxi Molons, Fiona Morrison, Jordi Puig, Manel Puig, Àngel Reynal , Xavier Torner, Xènia Gasull, Maria Alzamora, Roger Lleixà, Josep Algans, Lluis Vila, DACO, Borja Balsera, Mayte Vieta and Manel Casanovas who have climbed to the roofs of Castelló d'Empúries and Empuriabrava, real oases of tranquility within the village, and that offer us unpublished horizons and new compositions and forms of the landscape, resulting from a personal look at these spaces of family and neighborhood enjoyment. The snapshots capture the essence of the roofs and offer a new perspective on the near and everyday landscape, while reflecting on the very concept of the roof, which has become the object of suggestive metaphors and visual games.

The exhibition also features several authors - Teresa Miquel Malé, Mercè Cuartiella, Jaume Geli, Helena Compte, Enric Tubert, Carme Huerta, Alfons Martínez and Anna Maria Puig Griessenberger - who accompany the photographs with their inspiring texts. that pay homage to this intimate and shared space at the same time, evoking memories and sensations, scenes and encounters.

On the other hand, a catalog has been published that includes all the works and with the portico entitled De terrats, capes and barrets. The Beatles at Castle ”by the writer Cristina Masanés.

The exhibition will be in the museum until September 25 and can be visited free of charge every day from 10 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm.

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