Experimentation is a degree


Experimentation is a degree

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It has always been argued that "experience is a degree", but with the emergence of new technologies this concept has shifted to another aspect. Now "experimentation is a degree."

Art based on the use of new technologies (almost everything today) depends largely on these new conceptualizations of technological widgets, making us enter a kind of historical loop of hypertextualization. Art with new technologies does not stop coming out of technical self-reference, something that has already happened with the artistic avant-garde, where painting spoke for itself. Perhaps the clearest case is that of Pollock, who used the pictorial stain to reflect on the painting itself.

Today, impacted by artificial intelligence, the discoveries of science and space, new ways of life, the decline of religion and the blockchain and the NFT, we could say that we live in a state of perpetual fascination in which what is new has taken the place of experience.

The current artistic and creative positioning is shifted towards the acceptance that experience is based on the acceptance of error and innovation is the new value of the market.

This requires us to make a perpetual clearing to accept, understand and integrate the new production and learning processes in accordance with our evolution and contextual demands, of a world that can no longer stop the 720 degree turn, as it does not it revolves only in a terrestrial axis based on opposite poles and earthly magnetism, but it also does so in the realm of the virtual, shaping what I call the space of "virreality."

Finally, we are on a space-time axis unprecedented in the modern-contemporary era, only comparable to that industrial revolution that has given us so much, humans, and so much has taken away from it, nature.

The dreaded moment has come when each of us has to decide where reality lies. It is no longer worth being in the place of the contemporary environment or limbo, but we must assimilate our position as augmented humans or as Sapiens sapiens .

This situation stresses us out, turns us into multitasking beings, who do not hear and who only see.

Finally, we realize that our only possible salvation depends on unlearning the established and generating new sustainable dynamics through technology, our only vital tool to be able to continue surviving in this world altered by ourselves and that hopes that, if we already we did it in one direction, let’s be able to do it in the opposite.

In any case, if it is no longer possible here, it could be there, far away, in the cosmos, where our new identity and creative possibilities continue to develop, and that depends only on our current capacity. It is not a question of escaping, but of surviving in the face of challenges that do not exist, in the face of challenges of which we have neither consciousness nor experience.

Image: HEAVENLY: Harddisks2dio courtesy. New digital sky created in real time with the color of the sky from different countries.

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