Resonant voices, cosmic cartographies


Resonant voices, cosmic cartographies

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We are symbiotic beings, interconnected by invisible tissues of vibrant networks that surround us. The vibration of our thoughts resonates in our body and the environment in which we find ourselves. The echo of our voice leaves its mark. These telluric forces have been manifesting since the beginning of time, and vibration and light could be classified as the two creative forces that shape our planetary existence.

From different ancestral traditions this phenomenon is shed light from a spiritual mystical approach, and it is the word, the voice, the vibration that shapes existence through the highest deities. The anthropologist Yara tells us that in the Guarani tradition the sacralization of the word is the essential characteristic of its concepts, everything bursts and springs from the vibrant interaction between the human being and his saying. “His word is the divine expression of the luminous being that bursts in from his deepest being. Speech is an ephemeral, volatile footprint, imbued with an upward lightness. […] The sacred that vibrates in his voice is intangible, like the light of life, of radiance ” 1 . The root of Western religious culture also shares this tradition with the Gospel of St. John: "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God." The development of consciousness is to go to the meeting of this word, and therefore it is necessary to realize our thoughts, words and what this generates in ourselves and in our environment.

We do not come from the ape !, we are spiritual beings in a state of transcendence. We come from a long journey through all the plans of existence. The stars, the planets, the constellations are not just too many, they are our sisters. For a short period of time we enjoy a physical body that comes from a substance that is created from the heat and hence the need for touch, contact ... To find the maps of this journey through the multiverse , we have to go inside, look at the neural networks and the cosmic networks! We are network, we are a reflection of the reverse macrocosm, a mirror inside, we are a miracle. We are part of a whole and we are a whole within this wonderful symphonic composition that emerges from the movement of all the planets, and here we have the key to our resonance, the vibration of our thoughts, the sound of our words. Hence the importance of our vibrating consciousness.

Unlearning from the invisible, the word, the thought, unlearning that we come from the monkey, unlearning from the fact that we are only matter.


1. Miowa, Yara (2001) Kuarahycorá . Ediciones Urano SA. Barcelona, p. 1.

Torusto. The Lost Word , by Ester G. Mecías, has been exhibited at the Goetheanum, Dornach (Switzerland), from 4/28 to 5/22, 2022. Also at the Emergencies festival in Palma, as a performance: Torusto. The lost word. Performance 469, April 1, 2022.

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