Festival Z, a space for young creators of performing arts


Festival Z, a space for young creators of performing arts

bonart girona - 26/05/22
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The Girona Z Performing Arts Festival returns this July with four days of programming and 14 companies made up of young people who will show their productions. Some of them are in their infancy, others are half-done and some are already on tour.

The aim of the festival is to give space to young creators of performing arts to showcase their ideas. In addition to the functions, there will also be seminars for professionals with debates. This year's festival will reach Lloret de Mar, where on June 3 the students of the baccalaureate of performing arts of La Salle together with young people under guardianship and ex-guardians will present Avui és demà.

After successfully closing the beta phase, the Festival Z dedicated to promoting the performing arts productions of young people is still a new edition with more days of programming. This year it will take place over four days, from 7 to 10 July. The program will feature fourteen theater companies that will show their creations to viewers.

Five of them will represent functions that have already been fully completed and are on tour. There will also be four that are in the process of being created in a residence and will show a work in progress to the public. Finally, there will be five more that will present creations that are in pre-production.

The program of the festival will start on June 3 in Lloret de Mar (Selva) where a project will be presented by students of the baccalaureate of performing arts of La Salle with the collaboration of young people under guardianship and ex-guardians between 16 and 18 years . Together they will perform Today is Tomorrow, a show created from the production That the World Is Ending is my fault of the company La Intempèrie. That the end of the world is my fault can also be seen in this year's program at the Festival Z, it will be on July 9 at six in the afternoon. Beforehand, the public will be able to watch the documentary on the process of creating this show, which will be released in Lloret de Mar.

In addition, there is a surprise action that is being organized from the same festival where about forty people will participate. This is 'Wavelength' and is part of the Antennas project. The site is yet to be finalized but this proposal can be seen on July 7 at six in the afternoon.

On the 9th at ten in the morning there will be a round table with some cultural managers to discuss what spaces young culture should have. The organizers of the festival are confident that a round law on theater in Catalonia will emerge from this round table, which does not exist until now.

In addition to growing in days and municipalities, the Z Festival has also expanded its spaces. Although the professional days will be held in the Canal de Salt, the functions will be divided between the Teatre Municipal de Girona and the Mercè auditorium. This year, the program maintains the "route" format, in which spectators who want to can see all the proposals of the festival and none of them will overlap in schedules.

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