Tatiana Blanqué exhibits at the Alba Cabrera Gallery


Tatiana Blanqué exhibits at the Alba Cabrera Gallery

bonart valencia - 12/05/22
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From May 5 you can visit the temporary exhibition Natural Diasporas to Valencia by the artist Tatiana Blanqué at the Galeria Alba Cabrera in Valencia. Blaqué has been selected by Commissioner José Luis Clemente as part of the “Hoy es mañana” project in the context of Valencia, World Design Capital 2022, which converges on the principles of the New European Bauhaus. This exhibition consists of 16 works, all of them made with a mixed technique: drawing and oil on canvas. Evocative pieces immerse the viewer in nostalgic forests of better times.

In her project Tatiana Blanqué raises this question: Does nature abandon us or teach us to reinvent ourselves ?; are tears what the trees cry when they realize what is happening? They are always looking for a way out! In Blanqué's works, the burst of colors evokes feelings, associations, the union between our interior and the exterior; the alehore that surrounds us. Symbolic representations of line and spots; splashes that turn into drops in the absence of a semantic value in itself; but which conveniently drawn and combined make a graphically visual definition of what is to be expressed. Organic textures at their best. An explosion of expressive will that encounters the harsh reality of a controlled, guided and desired spelling, simple but forceful. Trees as a link between the earthly and the spiritual world, light, color, freedom, lead us to tailor-made scenery, where we can get lost in a parallel underworld. A need to hide, one does not want to reveal everything. Should We Undress Before the World? NO. A curtain of tears and branches that only hint at what one wants. A filter where the stain gives way to natural forms, turning improvisation into intention. Visiting hours at the gallery are from Monday to Friday from 10.30 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8.30 pm.

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