The six Queen Sofia cultural mediation research residencies have been selected


The six Queen Sofia cultural mediation research residencies have been selected

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The MAR platform, made up of the Reina Sofia Museum, the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and the cultural association talk about it, have completed the selection process of projects for the realization of six mediation residences in Planta Alta, out of a total of almost three hundred applications submitted to qualify for one. This has been the first public call for this program, which will be held annually from now on.

MAR's initiative aims to generate relevant actions for change in contemporary cultural institutions through proposals for cultural artistic mediation as the backbone of these transformations. This set of residencies aims to stimulate and consolidate research on critical pedagogies, experimental mediation and alternative institutionalization, as well as to collectively articulate a forum or community with room for different proposals in this field.

Accompaniment of the residency program, called "notice", will be provided by Planta Alta, where residents will be accommodated as they pass through Madrid. This space is committed to the new institutional, art and education, care and ecology as its main axes, as it is an ideal context to promote the work of the residences. For its part, the Reina Sofia team will advise residents and offer them access to the Museum's resources, workspaces and complementary programming.

The six programs to be developed have been: Dragones x el reina, by Dolores Galindo Fontán and Rocío Gómez (Dragonas de Lavapiés), Contubernio para una filosofía useful en las aulas, by Marta Álvarez Guillén and AnaNan; Open council: learning from the communal to inhabit the coming of Silvia Teixeira; Non-speaking mode. Word and childhood in experimental poetics of Spain and Latin America by Rodrigo Vera Cubas; Partnership Interstitials + Afro Consciousness and Selected Project by Renata Cervetto.

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