"Lambda Archives. The Oslo Munch Museum Project" at CentroCentro


"Lambda Archives. The Oslo Munch Museum Project" at CentroCentro

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CentroCentro presents the exhibition Lambda Archives from April 22 to August 28. The Munch Museum project in Oslo. The exhibition, curated by Valentín Roma, and co-produced by CentroCentro, La Virreina Center de la Imatge de Barcelona and Arc a Rêve de Bordeaux, documents the twelve years of work that estudioHerreros has dedicated to the design and construction of the Munch Museum in Oslo.

The name of the exhibition, Arxus Lambda, uses the motto under which the anonymity of the Herreros study proposal was defended in the failed international competition in 2009, which was unusually used by the media until it began. build the building. Far from the grammars handled by architectural exhibitions, the idea of archiving is manifested here through a series of materials that document the internal history of the project and that do not usually see the light as they are considered "bureaucratic paper", avoiding usual plans and photos in which there is no trace of the innumerable contingencies that accompany the design and implementation processes.

In the midst of a situation in which museums are rethinking their attributions and public senses, the exhibition vindicates the need to approach a radically different case: that of a museographic institution that is built from scratch, the d 'a city that changes its appearance with the appearance of a new architectural element, that of citizen and collective uses that give meaning to a cultural infrastructure.

Thus, Lambda files. The project of the Munch Museum in Oslo teaches us how new ways of doing architecture are the result of intense processes of political and social dialogue, of long-term collaborations between various agents. Notable among the many documents presented are the unpublished images that photographer Iwan Baan has taken of the building and its surroundings, which do not show it from a fetishistic or objective perspective, but from a prism. located and of unforeseen use.

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