The Miró Foundation presents "Miró. The most intimate legacy"


The Miró Foundation presents "Miró. The most intimate legacy"

bonart barcelona - 01/04/22

The Joan Miró Foundation presents Miró from 1 April to 26 September. The most intimate legacy, an exhibition that brings out the most personal dimension of the artist through the review of the collections he created for his family.

Curated by Marko Daniel, together with Elena Escolar and Dolors Rodríguez Roig, the exhibition reconstructs the story of esteem and generosity that Miró begins with the reservation of his own work for his wife and daughter, which leads to the creation of the Joan Miró Foundation.

I watch. The most intimate legacy includes some one hundred and eighty objects, including some eighty works by Joan Miró that trace almost seven decades of artistic career, as well as preparatory drawings, unpublished documentation and family photographs. The exhibition reveals a little-known facet of Joan Miró, the collector of his own work, which resulted in the creation of three family collections of the first magnitude: his, his wife's and that of his daughter. The project reviews the formation and evolution of these funds, opening an unprecedented door to the most personal Miró. Curated by Marko Daniel, director of the Joan Miró Foundation, together with Elena Escolar and Dolors Rodríguez Roig, historians of the institution's collections area, the exhibition reconstructs the path of generosity that goes from Miró's intimate gesture with his loved ones to the universal vocation of sharing his thoughts and legacy through the creation of the Joan Miró Foundation, a unique space and collection that the artist gives to the city of Barcelona.

The exhibition is divided into five different areas, which present the formation and evolution of family collections, and at the same time point out the links between the selected works and the vital, cultural and historical moments of the 20th century that Joan lived. Miró, Pilar Juncosa and Dolors Miró.

Around the time of its creation, in 1975, Joan Miró devoted a large part of his personal collection to it, selecting as a priority his newest and most transgressive art to be preserved in the Center d'Estudis d 'Contemporary Art he had conceived. Then, in full complicity, Pilar Juncosa donated a very important part of her personal collection, also providing the museum with work prior to the 1970s. Today, this commitment of both with the Joan Miró Foundation is still very much alive. in the hands of his descendants, who, following in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents, have continued to deposit work in the Foundation continuously until the brand new deposit arrived this year, with fifty-four new works by the artist and five more works by Alexander Calder, which significantly strengthen the institution's collection.

The exhibition promotes a dialogue between all the family funds gathered at the Foundation, reconstructs the stories that run through them and thus pays tribute to the Miró family, who, with their generosity, have contributed to building the most important public collection of the world of Joan Miró's work.

Image: 19th. Woman and bird at night, 1945. Joan Miró. Miró succession, 2022.

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